Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Review: Enemy Insects - Live to Die

Enemy Insects
Live to Die (Demo Track)


1. Live to Die

This will be a short review because I'm only reviewing one song.  Now, I know there is technically precedence for this on this blog for reviewing a single song (see our rambling review of Propagandhi's track "Failed States"), but this is less about salvating for a much-anticipated release from a favourite band and more about trying to give everyone a heads up about a sweet new band.

Baltimore's Enemy Insects have released their first demo track (of what I assume are many more demo and non-demo tracks to come) called "Live to Die".  It's fast, thrashy, metallic without straying too far from hardcore, and it has a fucking fanstastic chorus riff. The vocals sound diabolical as fuck, and fit perfectly with this frantic/schizophrenics type of hardcore.  All in all, it is highly recommended and should be check out by anyone who is looking for an up-and-coming band that is bound to continue to impress.  And hey, if you are a douche you should listen to it so that you can go around later and talk about how into these guys you were back when they put out their first demo track.

Also, Bandcamp needs to get a volume knob.....my computer volume was cranked as the first notes of this song almost liquified my eardrum (in a non-hyperbolistic bad way).  Not Enemy Insect's fault, but still, it fucking hurts.

Listen and enjoy!

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