Friday, 14 December 2012

Review: Vicious Cycle - Pale Blue Dot

Vicious Cycle
Pale Blue Dot

One of the reasons that we like to review older albums periodically on Lost Tribe is because we are of the belief that just because something is new doesn't mean that it's better or that it's even worth discussing. Similarly, just because an album is a couple years old doesn't mean that it should be permanently shelved or forgotten about the second a newer shinier record passes in front of our eyes.

As a result, you are now reading an album that came out over 3 years ago, but (in my humble opinion) is still worth discussing, praising, and reminding others about. Pale Blue Dot was my introduction to Vicious Cycle, and they had me from the first note. Sounding like a stripped-down Fucked Up or even some unholy bastard child of proto-punk and 80s hardcore, these Sudbury natives helped solidify the reputation of Ontario hardcore as a hot bed of intensity and innovation in hardcore.

First off, I recognize that this album was talked about a lot in 2009 when it was released (but it still deserves more credit in 2012), and also just how impressive it is that a band from Sudbury (aka a central Ontario, Canada cultural wasteland/small, dirty city) still managed to garner as much hype and acclaim as they have. The reason for all of this is the music. It stands by itself as some of the catchiest, rawest hardcore punk being put out these days. The lyrics are bleak but ultimately hopeful, the riffs hit you hard, and the rhythm section helps ensure that there isn't a slow minute to be found. All in all, you should stop reading this review and begin listening to this album immediately.

Specifically, “Blur”, “Black Dot”, and “Pale Blue Dot” leave me fucking speechless every time I hear them...which is quite a feat if you are at all familiar with the Lost Tribe podcast. So rather than searching the internet for some early-2013 release to leak, why not go back and revel in the greatness that is Vicious Cycle for a little while. Kick up your feet, tell everyone to fuck right off for 21 minutes, and enjoy an album that reminds me why I started listening to hardcore in the first place. Also, guest vocals by Damien from Fucked Up and that dude from Alexisonfire!

Or don't. It's just a suggestion. I'm not your mother.

Buy it here.

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