Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Lost Tribe Podcast - Ep. 26: Ottawa is full of Canadians

Lost Tribe Podcast
Episode 26: Ottawa is full of Canadians

In this episode the boys discuss old hardcore bands that still stand up, what goes on when creating those ridiculous, but ultimately fun and helpful, 'best of 2012' lists, and just how good rap was this year. Specifically, James explains why we should all be listening to Killer Mike. So, go listen to him. Georgia represent. Following music talk, the boys reminisce and discuss their love of our great nation's capital: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada! It could be vague nationalism, or just the recognition of a cool town, but the boys discuss the pros and cons of this particular locale. Finally, the boys delve into Star Trek and why the 80s sucked...or ruled...depending on who you believe.

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