Friday, 31 May 2013

Review: Heartless - Certain Death

Certain Death

I had never heard of Heartless.  I didn’t know they were from Pittsburgh, I didn’t know they were playing Maryland Death Fest, and I didn’t know they had a new 7” coming out on Halo of Flies (which is a label I actually do know and respect).   Usually I’m ok with the fact that I’m slowly falling out of touch with what’s new/noteworthy in heavy music, but I’m kinda kicking myself that I didn’t know about Heartless earlier than now.  Certain Death is an incredibly heavy 7” that blends hardcore, metal, and grindcore in an astoundingly impressive way.  This is music to destroy property to.  The production value is there, the ability to seamlessly blend styles is there, and obviously genuine nature of this band’s aggression is consistently front and centre.  

I don’t know who decides which bands get jocked hard and which bands have to slog it out on their own, but it really doesn’t make sense that this band doesn’t enjoy the notoriety and success of bands like Nails.  Since I can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound or dedicate billions to developing a super high-tech cave, I’ll have to live out my superhero fantasies by trying to get a band like Heartless the recognition that they deserve.  Fortunately, Certain Death is the destructive force of nature that will hopefully allow Heartless to gain the recognition that they deserve.

Pick up the 7” over at Halo of Flies.

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