Thursday, 13 June 2013

Podcast: Ep. 49 - Air Wolf vs. The King of Kong (Light Em Up)


Ep. 49: Air Wolf vs. The King of Kong (Light Em Up)

In this episode the boys deliver the best podcast of this, or any, decade.  We discuss new bands like Heartless and Greber that are great, and older music that is incredibly shitty like Fall Out Boy.  Then there is a discussion about World/Inferno Friendship Society and bizarre old ass shows like Air Wolf....and no, I don't really remember it either.  We talk about the new Start Trek movie and argue over how good it is, but we all agree that the technology they has is something we most definitely want!  We talk about other shit, but I'm writing this at my parent's place with the worst netbook ever, so I'm not writing anymore.  Enjoy.

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