Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Review: Demolition - Demo 2012

Demo 2012

Track listing:
1. Intro//Here To Stay
2. Don't Need Your Help
3. Us Against You
4. United We Stand

“I won’t play your games. I don’t need your help.”

Hardcore can, at times, be guilty of letting itself get way too fancy.

It can be exciting to hear some band take shit in interesting, genre expanding directions. Once in a while, I like a “hardcore” record I can play for normal people without them looking at me like I just pissed on their couch. Most of the time though, I go to hardcore looking for fast, ugly aggression. That’s what it’s there for.

Which brings me to this demo tape by Ontario’s Demolition.

This thing delivers 4 tracks  (well… 4 and a half. There’s an intro) of straight up HC punk in just over 5 minutes.  It plows through its run time pretty quick, but changes it up enough that you can tell the songs apart. Generally, Demolition keep up the pace but have enough slow, stompy parts to get your head nodding. With the right crowd, I could see this being a lot of fun live.

Lyrics-wise, Demolition sticks to the hardcore standards. Generally revolving around not taking a bunch of shit off of anyone. It’s all delivered via a solid, if unremarkable vocalist whose name I don’t know because the tape doesn’t have credits.

I always have a hard time pegging influences for bands like this. It just reminds me of OLD hardcore records. Do you like old hardcore records? Specifically, old East Coast hardcore records. Fast, pissed… no metal or whatever the fuck else? Then this is up your alley.

It ain’t pretty. It ain’t slick. It’s 5 and change minutes of angry kids venting spleen.  If that shit was ever gonna get old, it would have by now.

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