Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Review: Wasteoids - Demo 2011

Here are all the things I knew about this Wasteoids tape when I bought it:

1) Blank Stare put it out. Usually a good sign.
2) Jonah from Fucked Up recorded it.
3) Chris from Cursed has a vocal cameo.

As far as pedigree goes, that’s pretty solid.  It doesn’t say much about what the band actually sounds like though.

Fortunately, the tape manages mark out some fairly distinct territory. Wasteoids play solid street/oi! Influenced hardcore. The 4 songs here range from mid tempo and head nodding on “Moon People,” to full speed and balls out on “The Wasteoid Crew.” The whole thing manages to be catchy as all hell to boot.

I defy you to NOT scream “Fuck You! Give me a beer! I came to party!” during the last song. I just caught myself doing that, and I’m sitting in my apartment by myself.

So, here’s the thing, I got into hardcore through punk. As much love as I have for a great many metal based HC bands, I will ALWAYS get behind a band that keeps it simple, keeps it dirty and keeps it fun. This Wasteoids tape fits that description in spades.

Good shit.

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