Sunday, 1 April 2012

Review: Purity Control - Revisiting

Toronto Hardcore really seems unstoppable these days.

It seems like every week, yet another new band it starting up. And every time I see one of these new bands, all I’m left saying is “fuck… that was awesome.” Maybe I’m getting less judgmental in my old age, but I can’t remember the last time I was let down at a TOHC show.

I’m sure there’s some pretty blatant localism on my part in there too, but fuck it.

Which brings me to Purity Control: Among my town's premier purveyors of pummeling powerviolence. Alliteration, shit yeah.

These three songs are meant to be taste of what’s to come one the PC release that (I think?) High Anxiety is doing. And if this is any indication of things to come, I’m excited.

I’m not sure what was different in the recording of these tracks, but this sound here is cleaner than it was on the two demos I’d heard before. It makes for a much better listen and, frankly, demonstrates much more clearly what the band is capable of. The demos were great, but it’s great to be able to hear the band without feeling like I’m fighting the technology.

If this were an actual release that anyone was being asked to pay for, I would have to say that it comes up a bit short. I mean, even powerviolence EPs should be like 7 minutes long. But as a teaser/proof of concept/statement of intent this is more than adequate.

Even live, Purity Control is more sprint than marathon. So in that context, this 3 song teaser feels more than a little appropriate. This thing hits the gas, rages for just under three minutes and leaves you scrambling to the High Anxiety website to try and buy more of this.

You’re gonna need to wait. But, when the real thing is let loose it’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

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