Thursday, 5 April 2012

Review: Eddie Brock - Brand New Day

Eddie Brock
Brand New Day

Track Listing:
1. Brain Squad
2. Demoralizing Banter
3. Head Snake
4. I'll B There 4 U
5. Strawberry Jamz

A self-proclaimed "super-powers violence" band, Eddie Brock was a band that I had heard of for a while (the comic nerd in me perked up at the Venom-inspired name) but had never checked out.  This apathetic stance towards Eddie Brock is something I deeply regret because people need to stand up and pay attention to this band.

I've always loved the power-violence genre, but often grow tired of the one-trick-pony nature of certain bands associated with it.  Fortunately, Eddie Brock is able to mix power-violence with hardcore, and low/growled vocals with higher-pitched screams, which makes Brand New Day an interesting and impressive listen.

This 7-inch (5 songs in about 6 minutes) boasts several crushing songs, including the lead track "Brain Squad" and "Strawberry Jamz", both of which provide a blueprint for anyone who wants to know how to properly mix breakneck power-violence riffs with slowed-down hardcore transitions.  The transition of speeds on songs like these also help make the faster parts seem all the more break-neck, and the slower parts sludgier than they actually are.  For fancy people that's called dynamics, but for everyone else it's called crushing and on-point song writing.*

*I think I'm still young enough to use phrases like "on-point".

Final Word:  I may sound like a giggling fanboy, but I'm beginning to get genuinely excited whenever A389 announces a release.  They have a well-deserved rep for putting out some of the best hardcore/power-violence/d-beat/whatever bands around today, and this release helps justify that reputation.

Favourite Tracks: Brain Squad, I'll B There 4 U

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