Friday, 15 June 2012

Review: Fucked Up - No Pasaran 7"

Fucked Up
No Pasaran 7”

Track Listing:
1. No Pasaran
2. Circling the Drain

I’ll start this review off with an admission:  I love Fucked Up.  Being along for the musical ride that is Fucked Up, from stripped down hardcore to esoteric/complex indie/punk/rock/operatic/hardcore/whatever, has been an interesting journey to say the least.  I’ve never been one for embracing an album just because it came from a band I like, so I’m being honest when I say that I truly enjoy every 7”, EP, LP and Double LP that this band has ever put out based on the merits of the music.  I don’t know if I just happened to grow musically as the band progressed, but I thoroughly enjoy “The Other Shoe” as much as I do “Police” or “Circling the Drain”.

Despite my expansive hard-on for this band, I will always have a special love for the No Pasaran 7”.  It was the first thing I ever heard from Fucked Up, after being initially attracted to them because of their name and the fact that they were from Southern Ontario.  I was immediately intrigued when “No Pasaran” began with a clip about the Spanish anarchist movement.  As a political ideology I’ve always identified closely with anarchism, although like most I despise the mall-punk mentality it often gets associated with.  So instead of just having a clip saying something dumb about “The Man”, I had found a band that associated with a historical/political movement that I was interested other words, I was fucking hooked.  Once the music began I was even happier, as the raw wall of noise that was early Fucked Up was exactly what I thought stripped-down hardcore should sound like.  

My impression was totally solidified when I flipped the record over and had the change to listen to “Circling the Drain”.  As far as B-sides go, this definitely stands out.  It was catchy but also fast, angry, and loud.  The chorus will get stuck in your head for days, and the riffs still hold up a decade later.

Here at Lost Tribe we’ve talked about not simply reviewing new records, so here is the first foray into what we consider ‘classics’ in one form or another.   In other words, be prepared for a bunch of aging punks to reminisce about many more records from their ‘glory’ days.

p.s.  I do realize that I used the words “hard-on”, “love”, and “attracted” in this review, but I swear the whole thing sounded way less sexual in my head.

Buy it from ebay or something because it isn’t available from Deranged Records.

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