Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Review: Graf Orlock - Los Angeles

Graf Orlock
Los Angeles
Tracking Listing:

1) Dead Man Talking
2) No Attachments
3) Couples Seeking Comfort/No Point
4) Quick on the Trigger

There was once a time where nearly every band used audio clips from movies to intro their songs.  To be honest, it was a time that I loved.  Bands I’ve been in have used samples from Tombstone (Don’t any of you have the guts to play for blood?”) to Falling Down (“CLEAR A PATH, MOTHERFUCKER!”) and I always thought it added an interesting and useful element to hardcore/metal/grind/punk songs. 

Graf Orlock demonstrates that this tradition is far from dead.  Often labelled ‘cinema-grind’, these LA grinders have been steadily putting out quality noisy grindcore (and running one of the best indie labels around, Vitriol Records).  With movie quotes in tow, Los Angeles demonstrates why grindcore still has something new and interesting to offer as a genre, mixing lo-fi production with tight and chaotic song-writing to produce 4 interesting and well-crafted tracks.  The first track, Dead Man Talking, is the angry, noisy, frantic type of song that I have come to expect from Graf Orlock.  Having said that, there is a definite progression to their sound that is evident on this and other songs.  One of the most welcome surprises was Quick on the Trigger, which is a slowdown almost doom-inspired song with movie samples laced throughout.  The Heat samples only enhance the grimy and violent nature of the song.

Graf Orlock is the type of band that continues to show what can be done with the oft repetitive and tired genre of grindcore.  Hopefully they inspire other bands to consider taking a more eclectic and diverse approach to grinding metal, as the results can be surprisingly impressive.  And every damn band should use more movie samples in their music.

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