Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Review: Purity Control - Adjusting

Purity Control

Track Listing:
1. Dear Life
2. Insect Politics
3. Swallowing
4. Light Pollution
5. Mock Suicide
6. Gag Order

During this year’s Not Dead Yet Fest there was heightened anticipation for many bands: Boston Strangler, Iron Lung, Career Suicide, etc.  While this was all deserved, I was additionally excited to check out Toronto’s own Purity Control yet again.  Why would I be anticipating seeing a local band that plays shows on a fairly regular basis?  Because I like good music, that’s why. I like breakneck, blistering, bludgeoning music.

Now, the time it took you to read that last paragraph is about the time it will take you to listen Adjusting, one of Purity Control’s two new 7”’s (the other being the equally impressive, Coping).  Adjusting is 6 tracks (I added it up) hardcore-inspired power violence at its finest.  The first track, “Dear Life” begins with a trudging build-up that explodes into a furry of misanthropic fury.  The second track “Insect Politics” doesn’t allow for any slower tempos, delivering 27 seconds of raw grind power. After that there is a steady barrage of grinding power-violence with a trudging hardcore sentimentality that translates the bands on-stage intensity in a way that I wasn't sure was possible (needless to say, this band is a 'must-see' live act).  "Light Pollution" and "Gag Order" especially show exactly why this band is getting so much well-deserved buzz/press/whatever you call it when people talk about power-violence bands. 

Buy it straight from the band here.


  1. those are the two songs on bandcamp, the ep has six songs

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  3. Thanks. Don't know how I missed that. My copy is pre-ordered, so I'll update the review once I've heard the other tracks.