Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Podcast: Ep. 32 - Requiem For a Maniac Cop

Lost Tribe Podcast
 Ep.32 Requiem For a Maniac Cop

In this episode the boys all but abandon Mike because of one hell of a winter storm, but he rescues the show by inviting a couple guests who join the ranks.  Ditching music for the week, things start off with an interesting chat about comics that people may not have heard of.  Then there is much discussion about vigilante cops and the action movie-esque street justice they exact (but somehow there is no mention of Body Count), which transfers into discussion about mental health and how every one thinks they are nuts at one point or another.  Finally, there is more disgust about appropriated grief, which is seems even our guests have a special hate for.  Enjoy this special guest-filled episode before the original line-up returns to ruin things next week.

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