Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Review: Victims - Killer


I don’t know how I stumbled across Victims, but the second I heard them I knew that I had found a new musical-best friend.  They were like Disfear’s slightly more palatable little brother that mixed driving death n’ roll riffs with the ability to write a killer chorus.  In other words, there wasn’t anything not to like.  

Although their whole discography is worth listening, Killer will always be my favourite.  I guess it’s kinda hard to say exactly why, but I think it’s a combination of the catchiness-factor and the fact that this was the first Victims album I ever heard.  There really is something inexpressible about those first songs from a previously-unknown band that leaves a lasting impression.  I remember stumbling across this band on my own (which for some reason always makes me like a band a little bit more....does that make me a douchy hipster?  A metal elitist? An idiot?) and I knew that I had found something special. 

Victims is unmistakably European in a very indescribable way.  I don’t know if it’s the riffs, the song structure, or the fact that Swedish d-beat/anthemic punk is unique for some odd reason, but after two songs I had them pegged as meatball-loving, eternal-winter-having Nordic gods, which I later confirmed using the interweb. 

My uncanning ability to peg a band’s geographic origin aside, the purpose of this review is two-fold: 1. To express my love of this record, 2. To give this criminally underrated band a little more exposure.   While they do get acclaim within the d-beat community (if that is even really a thing), but most metal heads I have known aren’t wise to this band, or only have a cursory knowledge of their existence or discography.  And that’s a fucking crime.  So go listen to Victims and revel in one of the best records of 2008....which I guess makes this album 5 years old....fuck.  Where does the time go?

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