Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Podcast: Ep. 35 - The Pope Gave Up and Red Dawn was Good

Lost Tribe Podcast

Ep. 35: The Pope Gave up and Red Dawn was Good

In this episode we finally get the ol' gang back together and discuss what was missed during the past few weeks.  There is talk about the meteor, comics, and other topics that were discussed in the last few episodes.  Once new topics are brought up there is lots of questions about how the hell you quit being the pope and how it will not affect our lives in any way.  At all.  Following this, there is much debate over the show Girls and what year the Sidekick phone came out.  The show 24 is held up as an impressive series and the remake of Red Dawn is given waaaaaaaay too much thought (but it's good, we swear!).

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