Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Review: Ruined Families - Blank Language

Ruined Families
Blank Language

Sometimes the world is a terrible, dark, shitty place.  Wars, famine, McDonalds putting tomato on my burger no matter how many fucking times I tell them that I don’t want those disgusting things anywhere near my food, and other such tragedies are all too commonplace.  As a result, it only makes sense that certain art is created to reflect the lowest, dirtiest, and rawest parts of this tomato-filled experience we call life.  Ruined Families is a band that specializes in this type of art.

I first heard about Ruined Families when the band contacted Lost Tribe to review their self-titled 7”, and quickly fell in love (read the review here if you don’t believe me.).  With a healthy mix of sludge, crust, hardcore, punk, and black metal, these Greeks (phrasing it like that sounds bigoted to me for some reason, but I can’t put my finger on why, so it’s gonna stay that way) show everyone how it should be done.  They have the intensity and hunger of a young band, but none of the usual trappings.  Their songs sound well-crafted, interesting, diverse, and forceful, and the lyrical subject matter is as bleak and dark as you might expect.

Songs like “Easy Livin’” and “Human Fence” sound killer but leave me pissed off that I may never get to see them performed live, as they have that there-is-broken-glass-and-blood-on-the-dance-floor feel that I’ve always appreciated in a live performance.  In fact, there isn’t a single track on this album that relents in any real way.  It’s a non-stop wave of depressing, punishing blackened hardcore.  In other words, what’s not to like! 
I think someone (not me) should give Ruined Families airfare to come tour North America.  I think they would do nicely opening for the likes of Wiccans.  Just a thought.

Either way, a solid fucking album from start to finish.

Buy it from here (I don’t know if they have N.A. distro yet)

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