Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Podcast: Ep. 40 - The Marshall Mathers Episode

Lost Tribe Podcast

Ep. 40: The Marshall Mathers Episode

In this episode the boys talk about awesome hardcore (Incendiary, Rotting Out and Shai Hulud) and our decline in the interest in rap battles (for a cornucopia of reasons).  The conversation then drifts towards some rappers inability to write full records and just how incredible Eminem was and probably could still be if he would just stop putting out utter nonsense.  Also, the boys apologize for the utter shit music that Canada is known for putting out (we have good music I swear!  We had(ve) No Warning!  Cursed!  Fucked Up! Stompin’ Tom!) .  Then everything gets insanely sad when the documentary The Invisible War is discussed.  

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