Thursday, 6 September 2012

Review: EYEHATEGOD - New Orleans is the New Vietnam 7"

New Orleans is the New Vietnam

1. New Orleans is the New Vietnam

Years ago I was sitting around drinking with a friend and I threw on EyeHateGod’s Dopesick.  This friend was always picky when it came to music, and generally liked more melodic and upbeat bands, but he immediately closed his eyes and began bobbing his head to “My name is God (I hate you)”.  He looked up and said “I may not usually listen to EyeHateGod, but goddamn I’m sure glad they exist.”  

With the release of the New Orleans is the New Vietnam 7” I think this sentiment is more true than ever.  Metal needs EyeHateGod.  We need EyeHateGod.  And with no new music from them for over a decade, it’s incredibly refreshing to finally hear Mike Williams desperate screams laid over top of Jimmy Bower/Brian Patton’s sludgy riffs once again.

If you like EHG then you are going to like this single.  Despite a 12 year absence since Confederacy of Ruined Lives, this group of New Orleanians have missed a beat.  The riffs are massive, the vocals sound both anxious and assured, and the group as a whole seems to be the true embodiment of a city that has been beaten down, torn apart, and left for dead.  The band laments the demise of their home turf with the same sludgy blues riffs and that Sabbath-meets-Black Flag-meets-a-lifetime-of-tragic-living style that many have emulated, but that no one can ever really duplicated.  This single is a welcome pre-cursor to an upcoming full-length that will no doubt remind people why EHG are the true kings of American sludge.

Buy the awesome etched 7” from A389 here. 

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