Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Review: Powerpoint - Mission Statement

Mission Statement

"The system is working and so are we.
This is what you get with a college degree.
We're fiscally sound, financially straight.
Owning my own house is really fucking great."

It's tough getting older in hardcore.

Connecting to the music is easy when you're 15. All you really need to do is stand by your friends, stay true to your convictions and... um... Never back down? Yeah, that sounds right.

As you get older the platitudes and sloganeering just seem harder to get behind. I mean, I guess I stand by my friends. But my friends aren't generally gonna be all that let down if I have other shit to do when they need standing by. As far as convictions go, I'm not so sure I even have any. And who's to say that staying true to them would even be a good idea? I'm wrong about a LOT of stuff.

I can't even be straight edge because turning edge after 30 is just "going into recovery." You don't do it because you have a statement to make. You do it because your urologist (or the judge) says you have to.

That's why it was such a breath of fresh air to stumble on Powerpoint! Finally, a hardcore band that addresses MY issues. Like when you have to eat lunch REALLY fast so that you're not late for a meeting? That shit makes me want to spinkick a motherfucker so hard.

I guess I'm not alone.

This EP rips through 7 tracks is just over 10 minutes. It's a well tested blend of pissed and snotty, fast and thrashy. I saw this band get compared to Outbreak and that sounds like a fair reference point. Musically, no new ground gets broken here, but the subject matter is enough to make it noteworthy. I want to give extra points for the inclusions of sound samples from Glengarry Glen Ross. I Never thought I'd hear a compelling use for that flick on an HC record. Most importantly, it's a good reminder that it's totally OK for hardcore to be silly from time to time.

This record is obviously pretty tongue in cheek, and I'm not sure I'd dig an LP worth of this stuff. But as a quick hit of solid hardcore that doesn't take itself seriously, this thing'll do just fine.

If nothing else, it reminded me that my comprehensive health & dental benefits mean that I can still get in the pit without worrying about paying medical bills.

Buy This... It'll help with the band's 401K.. and get them closer to their quarterly bonus!

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