Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Review: Homewrecker - Worms and Dirt

Worms and Dirt

2. Worms And Dirt
3. Baseborn
4. Visions Of Terror
5. Chained Hanging Victim
6. Pipe Dreams
7. Eyes Of Anguish
8. Charlatan
9. Beaten Freedom

I was recently playing Homewrecker’s Worms and Dirt album for a friend in my car and I mentioned that I had written a review raving about the album for the blog...until I realized that I never actually got around to it.  Now, do not mistake my laziness and forgetfulness as indifference for this band.  Homewrecker, hailing from Ashtabula, Ohio, was a complete unknown to me before this album.  I say this with some shame, as this LP shows that they are well on their ways to becoming one of the heavy hitters in Midwest hardcore.

While taking inspiration from the likes of Integrity and Slayer, Homewrecker is able to create their own brand of brutal, pissed-off, metallic hardcore that is perfectly topped-off with some of the most guttural (albeit reverb-soaked) vocals I’ve heard in some time.  In short, this album is anger and evil incarnate, and that is why I love it so much.  

I have a stable of bands that I know I can always go to for the music I’m looking for, and there are always new bands that catch my attention from time to time, but Homewrecker is the first new band in a while that I truly expect to follow throughout their career.  The riffs are monstrous, peppered with NYHC influences, and tracks like “Chained Hanging Victim” and “Baseborn” never seem to get tired no matter how many times I listen to them.

Oh ya, and most importantly, I have a declaration to make about this album: Worms and Dirt has the heaviest, most well-timed intro track of the last 5 years.  Entitled “Wreck”, this atmospheric and distortion laden song mixes demonic riffs and fundamentalist Christian movie quotes (at least I think it’s a movie quote...I couldn’t place the sample for the life of me) to create the perfect introduction to an album that will be lauded, admired, and surely imitated for years to come.

Also, Homewrecker’s Worms and Dirt further prove that A389 is the most reliable and impressive label in hardcore.  No hyperbole, only truth.

Buy it here.

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